What is a Homemade Baking Kit?



It is the Best Way to Bake.

Simply put a homemade baking kit is the best ingredients available, perfectly measured out and packaged individually, so you can make homemade cookies in a fun, quick, convenient and simple manner, without the mess, hassle and excess.
We use amazing recipes, provide easy-to-understand instructions, and package, label and number EACH ingredient separately. You will love the cookies, and you’re sure to love the simplicity of baking with our cookie kits!
All-natural or organic, high quality, wholesome ingredients!
Our kits feature all natural and organic ingredients. We have learned that better ingredients make better cookies. So, we tried 1000’s of variations with different flours, chocolates, sugars and so forth to find the perfect combination. By using gourmet ingredients, we were able to sneak in healthier items like ground flax and whole wheat/gluten free flours without anyone knowing they our cookies are healthier.
Quick, simple, convenient, mess-free
We have made homemade baking fun again! No more mess and excess product cluttering your cupboards! In the time it takes for the oven to preheat, you will have cookies waiting to be baked, with no mess to clean up.
Family friendly
These mixes are so easy, even kids can make them, and should! Our kits are a great way to spend quality time with the family and provide a learning opportunity to children, not to mention a memorable and fun experience. Baking is a great way to teach patience, listening, reading, math, science, and even art to kids!
Delicious, fresh, and made from scratch
Nothing beats a fresh-out-of-the-oven homemade goodies. There’s nothing worse than remembering you forgot that one ingredient. Our product delivers amazingly delicious, fresh products every time.

Baking Freedom
We have made homemade baking easy and fun, but we know that not everyone likes raisins, flax, etc.… Since the ingredients are packaged separately, you have the FREEDOM to customize your cookies just the way YOU like them! We give you the freedom to replace any ingredient, and add any number of new ingredients, even the finicky foodie can make this kit just the way they like it!
Gluten-Free and Traditional Options
Since we have family members who have Celiac (severe gluten allergy) and family members that want all the gluten they can get. We created kits with both gluten free and whole wheat flours, but they ALL taste amazing! At tastings we often do not announce that some of our products are gluten free until after someone tastes one. After we tell them it is Gluten Free we usually get a double take and someone says “It does not taste gluten free”.