How Scratch & Grain Baking Company Came To Be

Scratch & Grain Baking Co. was started by an unfortunate baking experience, which led to two moms on a mission to make homemade baking fun and easy. Taya and Leah met in Portland, Oregon as neighbors. We lived across the street from each and were casually nice as neighbors generally are. 

Taya had been talking about starting a business after she had her first son Lincoln. So, after Leah spent 3 hours in the kitchen baking cardboard cookies with her daughters, she sent Taya a text message and said "I have this business idea, want to come over and talk about it?," Taya said "sure."  

As we discussed the concept of the product as well as the vision for the company, we knew it was something that could really happen.

We wanted to make homemade baking fun, delicious, easy and as a little healthier. So we went to work creating a baking kit that had all the BEST ingredients measured out individually so you know what is in your food, and made it a fun and easy experience. 

After 1,000s of variations they figured out the perfect recipes! Taya is the baker (Leah tried and failed, the dried fruit cookie that had Taya almost losing a tooth was the defining moment when Leah was booted from the kitchen) and Leah was the taster.

After much research and exploration, we navigated through the world of product development and design. We have not outsourced any aspect of our product. We have poured our blood, sweat and tears into the packaging design, recipe creation and kit manufacturing, all done right here in Portland, Oregon. 

Leah left the company on January 1, 2017 to spend more time with her family and pursue other endeavors. Today Taya runs the company on her own.

You may have noticed we have a few gluten-free products. Neither of us are gluten-free, but we both have close family members that are, including Leah’s mom and daughter who have Celiac. Neither of us are fans of most gluten-free products either. We knew we had to make a few gluten-free products, at the least for our families, so our number one goal when creating the recipes was to make the cookies taste amazingly delicious – as if they were made from whole wheat pastry flour too. After all, we certainly don’t want to make a product we wouldn’t even eat. Just to make sure the gluten-free kits were just as good, we did a blind test and sent out kits that were not labeled gluten-free to testers. Not one person thought they tasted anything but delicious! In fact Taya’s favorite kit is the Chocolate Truffle Cookie Kit, which is completely gluten-free.

The kits use all-natural and GMO-Free ingredients, because they taste better. In fact most of the ingredients are certified Organic! 

Since the future will one day be in the hands of today’s children, we need them healthy! We not only need them to be healthy, but smart too, so we will donate part of our profits to local education. As we grow, we hope to be able to give back more and expand to additional charities.

We hope you love our product as much as we do. We welcome all of your comments, suggestions, and feedback! If you have any, please contact us through the ‘Contact Us’ tab, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.


5% of profits are donated to charity!